Friday, December 10, 2010


Sometimes as kids, my siblings and I would lay in my parents' bed for bedtime stories and my dad would sing, "Heaven, I'm in heaven. . ." My mom and dad have always loved us loudly--with passion, loyalty, and adoration.

Tonight I watched Christmas cartoons with my kids before bed and had that feeling of heaven. I also had to tell my kids that their precious Emma dog needed to go to the less metaphorical and more literal heaven tomorrow. They've known it was coming, but somehow that doesn't make it any easier. Through this I hope to teach them that it's always worth it to love and lose than to not love at all. We talked about how Emma was going to run in heaven without her 'fat paw' and chase our black kitty.

We love our Emma. She has been a part of our family: baby births, parties, park days, camping trips, baseball games, car rides, daily visitors, hikes, visits to grandma's house, sledding, fishing, gardening, and errands around town. She's always been content to just be with us. I never knew I'd be such a dog person! So tonight I thank my Emma for enriching this little family with such accepting tenderness. We will miss you, but we know you'll be in a better place. xoxo

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Travis made a culinary masterpiece (yet again). We had fewer guests this year but it was bustling with noise. We had Patrick and Emily here which was fabulous--the kids have all become fast friends. At one point after Patrick and Emily had come back with the kids from an outing, Cassidy and Spencer embraced and exchanged 'I love you's'. Aaron also came with his kids (Brandi was working) and of course Dad and Renita. Emily's parents even popped over for pie--just in time for our annual tradition of each saying something we're grateful for. Mostly what came up was the love of family, friends, and country. And some of us discussed how thankful we are to have risen above challenges and struggles. It's very true that we grow from hard times and are more able to recognize blessings after we've been through difficulties. We realize our strength and, for some, we learn to have faith and trust in our Heavenly Father.

I have an amazing family that is openly affectionate, readily communicative, and real. We've been through a lot but we don't hide things and we enjoy so much closeness as a result of relentless persistance and enduring love.

I have friends who see my heart and accept who I am at different stages of my life. They are enduring, talented, beautiful, and some of my greatest joys.

My husband adores me and works so hard every day. When I'm crazy, he tells me (lovingly!) and encourages me to dream. He believes in me and appreciates the different facets (and they are many) of my personality. We just have so much fun together. And, as if I haven't bragged enough, he gave me these sweet angels.

*Boston, Cassidy, then Mr. Beckett, all at about 4 months of age.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Reality Check

Some blogs might depict a perfect life. I hope that's not what I do, and if it is, perhaps I'll share that I was not my best self last weekend. Yelled at my kiddos, had 'words' with the hubby who really is the angel of angels, ate junk (and not the delicious stuff--the filler you put in your gut to stave off hunger), and was queen grouchy pants.

Have you ever known you were grouchy and that it was likely hormonal--yet when the mood passed and the happy version of yourself returned you were hesitant to let it show right away because then you'd not only be beasty but a roller coaster as well? I do that sometimes.

And since I already admitted I'm not a perfect parent, I'm just going to put this out there: Doesn't Beckett demonstrate a slight resemblance to Goonies' Sloth in this picture?

*I can say this because he is sooooooooo adorable!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Yeah, didn't even get a picture of my kids all together. I swear the more kids I have, the quality of some of my parenting skills goes down. I'm sure there's an economic theory behind it. Look at Octa-Mom.
It was a great Halloween. There's a subdivision nearby called Sleepy Hallow and every year a 'headless horsemen' on a real horse rides around the neighborhood. Travis saw him earlier in the day, but sadly we missed seeing him Halloween night. Beckett was a trooper. He loves being out and about and is much happier when we're on the go. Cassidy and Boston were fearless and loved the spooky houses--even an elaborate one complete with a spook alley. And btw, Travis picked out Cass' costume when he was in Indiana on business. She's more a puppy or other animal than a rah rah spirit fingers gal!

Note: I couldn't take this popsicle away from Beckett. I thought it was mainly intriguing to him because it was cold and squishy on his teething gums. Later I realized he had sogged a hole in the popsicle wrapper and was enjoying some grape artificial goodness. No wonder he had a crazed look in his eyes.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We're Those People

Every year some of our fantastic neighborhood friends throw a costume party for Halloween. Until I post some of the kids in their costumes, perhaps enjoy ours. It was a disco party. When the hunt for a polyester one-piece proved fruitless, I sought inspiration from some of my dad's old buddies and my friends' dads back in the day. Travis worked it in his delicious disco duds. I had so much fun dancing the night away.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

National Adoption Month

Not sure if you've been introduced to therhouse blog but it's worth checking out. When I first came upon it, I was so intrigued, fascinated, and in awe at the stories I read and all I learned about adoption. My grandmother was adopted and she had a negative experience and challenges surrounding her adoption. I always grew up with this a less than positive idea about adoption. Now that I have learned more, developed friendships with adoptive and adopted friends, my feelings have become so much about realizing that families become families in many different ways. I'm grateful for adoption and respect birth moms who love their children so much.

On the blog also is an invitation to a dinner at a yum-o restaurant (Trav has been there, I haven't yet), Blue Lemon, in Salt Lake.

*I guess I should note that adoption has come a long way. It isn't what it once was, and I do believe much of that is through education and sensitivity.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Daddy's Girl

Cassidy has been so sweet and loving the past few days. We had a fabulous afternoon cooking/baking together while Beckett slept yesterday and Boston was at school. When she's in charge or has an assignment, she is a new person. She wants to blaze her own trails and have ownership over a few things. A true middle child--like mom. But mostly my Cass is like her dad.

She loves:
Pickles (kosher dills)
Christmas songs
Having her back tickled
Winning (who doesn't...but she reeeaaallly wants to win)
Taking her shirt off when she comes inside after running around in hot weather
It's no wonder he calls her his precious angel.

In other news, Beckett finally started sleeping through the night while I was in Park City on my girls' trip. Seriously, he better keep it up. I am a new person when I sleep.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Congratulations to Patrick and Emily! They got engaged last weekend. We're excited to welcome her and her two beautiful boys to the family. My kids already adore them.

And below: a tiny photo I stole from facebook.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Last Week: Sucky and Lucky

Last week was both sucky and lucky. Sucky because Boston had these little clusters of skin-colored bumps on his leg. Some friends' kids had similar bouts with this rash called moluscum. Apparently, my pediatrician said I could just let them clear up or take him to a dermatologist to have a simple procedure done. After our California trip they seemed to have spread a bit, so I made an appointment. The doctor treats these bumps a couple times a month. All she was to do was put some ointment (literally beetlejuice) on each one and cover each with a small piece of tape. She instructed me to leave it on about 3 hours and then shower him off. The ointment would make the spots blister, mesaaging his body to attack the virus. I put him in the tub after about 2 hours but soon discovered that the tape was stuck like glue to each emerging blister. His leg was so tender that I decided not to send him to school. I tried repeatedly to get the tape off but Boston cried in pain. With a few calls back and forth to the doctor I realized I just had to get all the pieces of tape off. I held him down and began to pick. It's really hard to have to hurt your kid and the whole time I kept thinking how unnecessary this all was and how the doctor may have not given me the right instructions.

Long story short, poor Boston was writhing in pain the whole night as he basically got chemical burns and I had been forced to peel off parts of his skin that would not relinquish the tape. The verdict was that his body reacted too quickly to the ointment and was perhaps more sensitive than other kids' skin. 3 missed days of school and a loooong, ouchie weekend are finally behind us, though his legs may scar.

The week was lucky, though, because I got to see my long-time friend, Daniel. We've known each other since I was 15. He enlisted in the army when I was 16 (thought it was the end of the world!) but has made it his career and will be a lifer. He had some business to do in Colorado so he stopped in. We stayed up late chatting and catching up on old times. He is so magnetic. He tells things as he sees them and has an infectious smile. He is hilarious and easy to love. My kids gravitated to him immediately (he says it's because he looks like Mickey Mouse). Anyway, I called to check on him during his long drive home and we got to talking about how we both would like to eventually write books. He said he thought I'd finish first. "Oh yeah, why?" I asked, having a feeling I knew what was coming. "Because you have more time on your hands." What the?! I remained calm and asked him how many hours he'd be working at his new job. 40 (as I had suspected. Hmmm.). "So what will you be doing after work?" He told me he'd probably be vegging on the couch from exhaustion.
"Well my job never ends, Daniel." And that night we all stayed up chatting? Yeah, you slept solid til 10 a.m. I slept 3 hours, you little stinker. Knowing (as any good man does) that he was digging himself a hole, he added a most deliciously dangerous comment. "Come on, Chelsea. I've seen your kids. They're angels. And I know a lot of women who do what you do AND work a full-time job."
The end. Feel free to comment because this post is already long.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


I can't believe the Beckett man Bobas is 6 months old! As you are the third, Little Man, I'm not sure describing your infancy is all that accurate. A lot of the memories we have are centered around our family dynamic. For instance, your bout of colic/fussiness that started at 6 weeks I really feel wouldn't have been a big deal had it not been for the other two energetic kiddos. When Boston was a baby, I had the time to sit and hold him and nurse him at all hours. And though your little nervous system was working itself out, I also have never felt such euphoria. The weeks after delivery I just couldn't get enough of you. Dad hated admitting that you were--quite possibly--the cutest kid he'd ever seen. Part of the joy of having you was seeing Boston and Cassidy accept and love you immediately. They have never said one unkind thing about your arrival. They innately protect and care for you. They adore every little thing about you. When you're ready for the tub, Cass can't stop patting your bare 'bum bum'. And Boston loves to play with you and try to escape your drool and claws. He's so excited to teach you baseball and is so proud when he can hold you on his own and show you to his friends and classmates.

At 5 weeks, you rolled over for the first time and blessed us with your first grin. By the time you were almost 3-months-old you were rolling across the floor. And even though you hated your carseat as a newborn and being naked, you now appreciate the opportunity to roll around sans clothing (grabbing yourself to make sure nothing has disappeared since the last diaper change!) and proved to be the most amazing traveler on your first flight to LA and road trip to California.

You are so aware and determined. You are always looking around for new faces and already experience cabin fever. You love being outside and would choose noise and the hustle and bustle of a busy household over quiet activity. The other day we put you in the stroller with Jason and you immediately grabbed the sides and started rocking back and forth as if to say, "Quit chattin' and let's get this show on the road!" You love toys more than any baby I've seen. I'm constantly rotating them out and you already have a favorite (the caterpillar I hijacked from Brandi).

Lastly, I must mention your crazy ability to eat. You are only 50th percentile in weight (75th in height) but eat like a toddler. Sometimes I'm concerned that you could eat 6 oz every 3-4 hours around the clock. It's exhausting and mind-blowing all at the same time.

I try to keep most of these mommy details in my personal journal, but I just had to post about how much I adore you, Beckett. You are my little blonde surfer-boy. I know in all your eye contact that you have a lot to say and your own little personality. You look just like Dad and I just can't get enough of that pouty lower lip. Though it may seem that you are compared often to your siblings, just know that I enjoy you in a special way because I'm not a brand-new mommy. I have had calmness (thus far) with you and more assurance in my parenting skills which has allowed me to take it all in and savor your milestones without being schedule-obsessed or overly worried. We love love LOVE you.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Uhh Uhh Hoooppy Birtday

Today is my amazing sister's birthday. She is the reason I even consider having another baby...the opportunity to possibly give my Cassidy the beautiful gift of a sister. Bridget is the greatest friend. She is beautiful, courageous, unpretentious, genuine, guileless, spiritual, funny (so funny!), accepting, and unafraid.

When we were kids, she was always trying to snuggle and smother me with love (which I truly couldn't stand as a kid!). I was uncomfortable with all the mooshy affection--which only fueled her fire to squeeze in one more forced hug. She's always been a lover of a girl. Her sensitive, tender ways haven't always yielded the best outcomes for her but now pay off big for her as a parent. Her children will never question the love she has for them.

When I became a pear-shaped pre-teen and she was the slender, gorgeous adolescent I remember going to her room to cry to her about my body insecurities. She didn't hesitate to drop whatever she was doing (talking on the phone, daydreaming to Kost 103.5, writing in her journal, or planning which baggy jeans and bodysuit she'd wear to school the next day) to give me a pep talk and loving advice.

We've both had our reason along the way to live parallel lives, but these last few years we have become soul sistahs. We have no jealousy between us. I always know she wants the best for me and I her. When we aren't laughing our way through the craziness that is motherhood (visualize Jason's once-silent, slide-into-home tantrums or Cassidy's order-barking from the bed to deliver juice, popcorn and/or candy stat), we are sharing tender moments and finishing each other's sentences. We see each other almost every day. She's got my back (and she's just the cholita you want in your corner, yo). I love her more than molten chocolate cake, long random (and sometimes unsavory) trips to Ross and the 'Maxx, walks around El Pecker Park, and even a labor-inducing deep-fried Twinkie. Happy Birthday, my wonderful Biddy!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Beckett Earns His Wings

Made a spontaneous trip to see my mom who recently had knee surgery. I thought I would be her helper, but later discovered she would be mine! We sat around and it was faaabulous! She sent me for a pedicure while she held Mr. Beckett. I walked the Rose Bowl (just like old times) one morning, and then went out to Playa Vista for a little time at Nikki's retreat the area! Char and Brady came up from San Diego to hang for a bit and Jenny and I got some time together with our babies.

Long, relaxing afternoon at the pool. Not! More like 20 minutes. Got breezy and Beckett didn't think the pool was warm enough!

Love these ladies...notice me hiding my post-partum largeness behind Char (these girls, might I add, could wear a paper bag and look stylishly gorgeous!)

Baby Olivia (Jenny and Jeff's little girl) was born on MY birthday. She and Beckett are only 3 weeks cute.

I always learn about the coolest flip-flops when I'm in California. Can't even remember what they told me was the newest "It" brand. My brain literally no funciona.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dog Daze

It's so sad to think that we only have a couple more months (hopefully) with our sweet Emma dog, due to her recent bone cancer diagnosis. She has truly been a member of our family. And while she has a couple unpleasant quirks (her gas and drool!), everyone who has spent any time with her would tell you she's one of the best dogs they've met. She is amazing with children. She is a sister and guardian to my kids and a lump of a love to visitors. I always have a house full of people and she is such a good sport to let kids crawl on her, poke her, and attempt to saddle her up for a ride. She never shows a bit of temper, and would rather lay on the floor amidst the chaos and kiddos than to be away from people.

If my kids are in the front yard and I can't see them or they've wandered, I can tell Emma to go find them and she'll head out to them or stand at attention by the front door watching them. She is protective and loyal and will get between me and a stranger or another dog. Last week there was an unfamiliar working on the house next door. He got close to one of the kids to take a picture of the house and Emma immediately assumed the downward dog position, looking as though she'd pounce (though more likely lick to death) her 'target'.

We just love her so much. There is more to be said, but for now I'll just enjoy hearing her quietly snore next to me and consider myself blessed.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

'Beach' Days

Why didn't we start going to the 'beach' at Willard Bay sooner?! Travis used to go often as a child but it took an invite from Julie and Jenna (some of my favorite LA transplants) to pack up the kiddos and go. The kids played for hours in the sand and wading in the water. We've been twice now and will probably make it a weekly occurance until dreaded cold arrives.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Waiting. . .

I've been waiting for my desktop to be up and running so that I can upload photos, but alas dear husband is as busy as ever. So I promise to jump-drive some photos onto my laptop for my next post, but until then, an update:

This little Beckett man is kickin' my booty. He's so sweet and predictable during the day, but he's a frequent night-waker. I thought he was hungry, so I started mainly bottle-feeding at night. And when Trav kept him all night, he informed me the next morning that he had basically drunk over 18 ounces between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. Thank heavens for a helpful husband. We tag team at night so that I'm not completely worthless and lacking in patience.

We let him cry it out a few Sundays ago after a 24th of July fireworks party. He was squirrely and fussy and wouldn't nap at the party. When the fireworks started, he crashed. He loves noise and is very aware. If there are people to look at, his little eyes wander around and missing a possible party is out of the question! I had just had it with rocking and bouncing and singing and no pay-off. The first hour of the crying was not hard. I remember with Boston it was so painful. Ahh, the difference of the third child! There were a few interruptions of my cry-out...including a poopy blowout and a necessary feeding, but that little turkey lasted 4 hours. And after about 40 minutes of sleep he was up and back at the crying. I must admit, I felt triumphant because I felt like I had begun to relinquish some of my control. I'm not good at feeling bossed around by pint-sized kidlets.

Anyway, he now goes to sleep easily but is still waking. Depending on the night and situation, I still let him cry in the middle of the night. Last night he was much better, so I'm guessing the prayers are working! Babies change so much. That's why I'm working on not over-analyzing. I love my surfer dude. He smiles and squeals (a lot!), loves music and singing (especially when it's Auntie Bridget voice), rolling over, and spinning around in his entertainment-saucer. He loves munching knuckles, watching his energetic siblings, playing with toys, and being around an energetic household.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Beckett 2.5

I can't believe the little man is on his way to 3-months-old! I have had so many sleepless nights, but I've got faith that we're growing into better slumber soon! Even during his 4 weeks of fussy colic time, we could tell that he seemed good-natured, so it's fun to see him smile and almost giggle. He has always been big on eye contact and eating, and now he's noticing his hands and grabbing toys, which is pretty adorable. He's a drool machine and the kids always ask if they can wash their hands and let Beckett nibble on their knuckles.

I've been more house-bound than I prefer, mainly due to my choice of a good nap for Beck over an excursion with on-the-go sleep, but Boston and Cassidy have risen to the occasion by becoming more independent. They have been making their own sandwiches and getting their own drinks, and most mornings they'd prefer to dress themselves and head outside to ride their bikes over watching morning cartoons. They love Beckett so much. They were sneaky for a few weeks when they realized just how diverted my attention was, but they love helping me with the baby and entertaining him with songs and sweet words.

One thing that has made this transition better is Travis' extra outings and special time with Boston and Cass. They are always out playing baseball with Dad after work or helping him with something. Tonight they're off to a ballgame, leaving me at home for some quiet bonding time with the Bugaboo.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I have a strange feeling about this decade called my 30's. Right now I'm not sure whether or not to fight my teenage acne or my wrinkles. I guess I need a heavy night cream containing benzoyl peroxide. Hmmm.

Top 5 reasons I feel sexy today.
1. my leg hairs actually hurt they are so pokey
2. my afore-mentioned acne and wrinkles
3. the deflated balloon, cottage cheese pizza dough that is my stomach
4. my hot wardrobe consisting primarily of elastic-waisted pants
5. cracked heels that cannot be ignored because they snag my 700 thread-count sheet when I move in bed

The good news is that I'm so tired that this list makes me deliriously giggle, not cry. Go me!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kickin' It

I started playing soccer again last week thanks to my fabulous soccer star friend, Harmony. She's definitely in 'the know' when it comes to all things soccer. It was fun that my mom and brother were able to come and cheer me on. Normally we play indoor, but this is an outdoor city league. I was happy to at least be able to keep up. It felt good to be on the field! I didn't pass out, pull a muscle, nor wet my pants. Hooray!

And now, my public apology for being a flakey friend to her (and others who may have not yet received a thank-you note or text back or phone call return!). My brain and body are functioning on minimal sleep. I'll be new and improved (hopefully!) soon.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Surfer Dude

Beckett at 3 weeks old. He sleeps pretty well. Cries quite a bit. Snuggles like a champ. Eats all the time (weighed 9 lbs. 5 oz at 2 weeks old). Looks like a blonde clone of his big brother. Loves when people sing to him. (If he fusses on the way to preschool, Boston and Cassidy lovingly hum the Star Wars theme song to him.)

*Boston is the picture on top!

Note: I cut out most of my dairy in an attempt to ease his fussiness. The highlight of my day today was watching Travis gag trying to drink a little of my new milk substitute--Almond Dream.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Snow in April

Had to post a picture of the R2-D2 snowman. Boston is obsessed with Star Wars these days!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hot Friday

Last night at about 7 I went upstairs for a nice, relaxing bath. I had told Travis that I would be needing a few hours out on Saturday. He came up and told me that I should just get ready and go out because sometimes weekends get busy and the time slips away. I dug deep for some energy and decided to give it a go. What did I do with this fabulous free time, you ask?

I put on my favorite (maternity) jeans and escaped for a night on the town (shopping at Target). Okay, Friday nights aren't perfect these days, but even a few minutes away make me remember who I am when I'm not covered in baby barf and boogers!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh Baby

I'm sure you've read in the past about my dear friend, Judy. She's fabulous; and fabulously talented. We go way a time when we used to giggle during church (causing the bench to shake as we attempted silent laughter), pull out our hair (somehow we both shared this comforting, yet unattractive past-time), and play horses with a salty jump-rope; taking turns being horse and driver. She used to make my high school parties more popular (she lived in Pasadena, so the boys always wondered if my 'hot' friend would be making a cameo!).
Anyhoo, she happened to be in town the week after Beckett's arrival. These pictures are among her generous gift to our family. It was so fun to see her gorgeous kids and spend some much-needed time with her.

Thank you thank you, dear Judaluv! (and please check out her photo blog at

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby Beckett

Easter morning before Boston, Cassidy and Trav headed up to his mom's for the annual egg hunt.


Our new little arrival is finally here after what seems to have been the longest pregnancy ever! It was a bummer that my mom was in town last week as the doctor had been telling me he hoped to induce at 39 weeks but changed his mind. At 40 weeks we opted to get the show on the road.

We checked in the hospital on March 31 at about 9 a.m. and I was hooked up on some pitocin (to augment labor) by about 10. The doctor came in and broke my water at noon (I know the men reading love details like this!). I got my epidural around 2 which took a while to take effect (panic!). The anesthesiologist came back in and redosed me (aka made my legs disappear!) so I tried to rest for a few minutes. I never did actually fall asleep but all of a sudden I didn't feel tired anymore. My hands started to shake a little and my body was telling me it was game time (which was pretty remarkable considering at this point I was not feeling even pressure from contractions).

Travis remembered my 'game face' from Cassidy's birth so he immediately called the nurse to come check me. Sure enough it was time to get the doctor there. After prepping for the delivery and getting the baby nurses in the room (and some extra NICU nurses just as a precaution because there appeared to be meconium in the fluid), they told me to start pushing. I attempted a push or two and little Beckett eagerly 'crawled out', popping a little arm out while they were still suctioning his mouth.

It was amazing, and I'm so grateful to have had Travis and Bridget there supporting me and giving me words of encouragement. (They say you shouldn't eat during labor, but Doula Bridget hooked me up with a protein bar and some candy...not to mention rubbed my feet!). Beckett is just gorgeous with his blonde hair and little button nose.

Overall we had a great experience at the hospital with fabulous nurses and so much help and support with Boston and Cass while we were away. Six fabulous neighborhood friends even came in and cleaned the whole house during my hospital stay!

Travis is off work all week, which has been such a blessing. He is the best! He's been getting up in the night to help out and has been building snowmen (yes, snowmen in April...argh!), toy shopping, and getting stuff done around the house with the two 'big kids'. He is a champion, so I'm sure the tears will be flowing when we have to get back to 'life'!

The kids so far are excited about the new bundle, though they've been full of extra energy and a little moody, which was to be expected.
More soon!

Tiny mobile upload.

Monday, March 8, 2010


I took a few photos of the kids before Christmas thinking I'd get to sending a card or something out for Christmas. There was just too much going on and the idea of even tracking down addresses in the craziness that was our house became overwhelming.

I love these two kiddos. They are so different. I guess I never fully understood what my parents meant when would talk about their love for us...not only the depth of it but how they loved us the same, but also appreciated and treasured our individuality. I'm now beginning to understand!
Some words that describe Boston would include: sensitive, aware, persistant, tender, fast-learner, athletic, energetic, and good friend.
Boston loves the Wii and is obsessed with Legos these days (especially those of the Star Wars variety!).
Cassidy key-words would include: loving, affectionate, dramatic, expressive, grown-up, unafraid, determined, outgoing, outspoken, and so so precious. Cassidy loves animals, but that's where the maternal instincts end. She wants what Boston has and would usually pick a car or Lego over a doll.

In my mind I already foresee some of the challenges and triumphs each may have simply because I know them and watch them and see who they already are. I embrace their differences and love that I have the opportunity to learn different things from them.