Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Woes: Me

I haven't taken too many pictures of the progress on the house, but here's an idea of what's been going on: lighting is in, floors are laid on main level, paint is done on main level, tile almost complete, fireplaces up and rolling, carpet ordered (just bits and pieces to fix the stairs and hallway that got saturated). Still yet to be done is the installation and painting of the kids' bathroom, floor staining, basement prime and painting, all the finish-work, kitchen and other built-in installation, countertops, backsplash, and of course—duh duh duh—moving everything back into the house. Travis has promised me his spectacular Thanksgiving feast. The insurance company expressed their doubts about things being done before Christmas, but I'm thinking the hubby's determination and many (many!) late nights will pay off.

The recent frustrations have been in contracting labor. No one seems to look at the bigger picture. Each (this especially applies to you, Mr. Tile!) tries to do what they want without attention to the grand scope of the project. But we're working through the kinks and trying to keep things positive.

We feel so blessed with the help people have offered. I'm going to have to make a speech when this thing is over. We simply could not have done this without the many hours people have generously given. I will (I promise) repay the favors!

There's no place like home!