Monday, August 25, 2008

Bear Lake

I learned a couple things about myself when we went to Bear Lake a few weeks ago with Trav's family. I'll humbly title my list Why I'm a Cool Mom.
1. I don't mind getting dirty and actually encourage it most of the time.
2. I'm not too shabby on the athletic stuff. I rocked the house on the water skis this trip.
3. I'm hyper-vigilant on sunscreen (I only missed one small spot on Cass' ear, Boston's nose, and Trav's back...oops!).
4. I'm hip in all crowds. (I won't name names but when someone asked the time and got the response that it was 4:20, I casually plugged some street vocab. Needless to say, I climbed a few notches on this person's likeability scale.) Note to my children: I do not support the behavior, but it is important to be aware!
5. You want another marshmallow? How many have you had? 5? Okay, but then will you settle down? (doubtful!)

p.s. Is it weird that Cassidy isn't even 2 and she's perfecting the art of eating and spitting sunflower seeds?

I Got Worms

Two times this summer we've been given the novelty souvenir of suckers with worms inside. I gave one to Boston and surprise surprise he thought it was amazing and tasted delicious. At one point, he casually returned it saying, "The worm is getting pokey" (translated: the worm's legs are now exposed and I can feel them on my tongue).

Cassidy loves bugs so she, too, thought it was awesome and enjoyed Boston sharing it with her.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Spunky Monkey

Cassidy is kisses
Dog kisses, frog kisses,
Book kisses, doll kisses
Kisses when she’s sorry and kisses when she’s happy.

Cassidy is noise
Noise of joy, little squeals
Big roars, animal sounds,
Prayers and talking and always heard.

Cassidy is motion
Running with a limp t-rex arm
Belly sliding down the stairs
Somersaults and big air throws: always, always going.

(note: this sweet golden is "Murphy". We babysat her while her parents were on vacay. Cass loved her and called her "Monkey". She still asks about her!)

Friday, August 15, 2008

S'More Summer, Please

Just love these kidlets.

We're soaking up as much sunshine as we can before the dreaded winter arrives. We've enjoyed going to the children's museum, riding bikes, playing in any water source we can find, and visiting various friends' houses to enjoy their toys and make new messes.

Boston and Tayvrie (Aaron and Brandi's cutie) have become little buddies. They both keep requesting a sleepover. Precious. Scary?

And you can always count on my little spunky lady to give you a grin. This is her typical "show me your teeth" smile.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Just wanted to say I love you, Sarajane! And don't you worry...I'll find your superhero photo and post it soon!

Super Costume!

I loved dressing up as "SuperSeniors" our last year at Glendale High School, and I wish today I felt as confident and uninhibited about wearing blue stretch pants in public. What a blast.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Wedding Crashers

This photo ain't great of me either, but what makes it a funny one of Nikki is that she was always quite a tomboy growing up, yet her mom occasionally forced her into frilly frocks. This picture is from a wedding...I'm sure Nikki's parents knew these people, but the great thing is that Nikki's cooky Uncle Leslie (he'll be featured soon!) commonly brought us along to crash weddings. There was always a good meal and perhaps a table centerpiece to take home, so we went along for the always adventurous ride. Love you, Dr. Nikina!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Alaska Ya Later

We have so loved the opportunity to travel, especially when we can travel with friends. One trip we adored was our cruise to Alaska with Ben, Shannon, Adam and Julyssa in May of '06. This was Boston's second cruise, and, for the most part, he's a great traveler (Cass was on this trip as well, but in her pre-birth bean form!).

We consider our friends our extended family and look forward to many more 'family vacations'!

Being as it is August (UPM aka Unflattering Photo Month) I had to include this winner. Not super unflattering, but super funny.