Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Been excited to post a few pictures from my amazing mother's graduation in May. She is a tremendous example to me. I know, you've heard it all before.

In typical 'mom' fashion, she made the decision to go back to school and within a week was enrolled. She has worked full-time while earning her master's degree. It was so much fun to celebrate this milestone with her, and I know she will help so many as a therapist. Although she's a mover and a powerhouse, she has a gentle, beautiful way of communicating. There's no other way to put it than that she just gets it.

It was such a privilege to travel with my siblings. We really are great friends.

My mom had a number of friends come to the graduation ceremony. Pictured are Eleanor, Bettywoman, and Bev!

My other sisters, Nikki and Jen Cu Cu.

The best part of her graduation weekend that started in Pasadena and ended in Carpinteria was the fun family time we got to spend with my uncles, grandma, and siblings. This was the first time I had been able to really get to know my uncles and have quality time with them. It was non-stop laughing, banter, food, and beach. Pretty perfect.

Christy's too-cute daughter Olivia. She came to meet us at the beach and I was immediately in love with this sweet angel.

She even cuddled up for some food and snuggles with my uncle.

Busy Bee: MIA

I have tried to post, but this new internet (I'm not thrilled with it), has kicked me off in the photo downloading step of posting. It has been a fun and busy July, but yes, I'm still here. Just behind!

July in a nutshell:
4th of July festivities, including the annual 3-day softball tournament in Perry and family bbq (loved having Auntie El in from CA!)
Bridget has surgery (doing fabulous and feeling grateful for modern meds!)
Mom comes to town
Jenny comes to town (What a friend! She helped Bridge with kids and did what she does best...cook/bake!)
Travis goes to scout camp for 4 days
Camping in the Uintahs
Busily cleaned and repaired our little SL rental to get it ready for new tenants
Julyssa comes to town (5 days of fun late nights, partyin' with the kids, and a little girl time)
Trav's grandpa dies, so he heads to Malad, ID for funeral and family time while I'm in CA for girls' 30th birthday celebration at Char's in SD
Trav also started a new job (same overall employer, different entity/position)

Phew! It's been crazy fun.