Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Beckett turned 3 on Easter this year. He had a great day. We hosted Trav's family and enjoyed so. much. food. I still feel full thinking about how much I ate and how many pieces of cake I shouldn't have eaten. Oh well! Fun times with an egg hunt, presents, and good company. My wonderful in-laws dress the kiddos for Easter. We are so grateful, and they always pick such adorable little ensembles. Here are a couple snapshots.

Love. Busy. Life.

From time to time I like to make a list of what I'm up to. It's easy as a mom to hustle and bustle around the house and feel a little less than productive at the end of the day. Or maybe it's merely that you can't remember what you did that day...or the day before (haha). One thing is for sure; I'm coming to grips with the fact that I may clean all day and by 8 p.m. there will still be a pile of Matchbox cars on my kitchen floor, a stack of papers on every flat surface, granola bar wrappers in odd places, and crumbs on every rug.

Some days the words, "Hey, Mommy" sounds like a heavenly symphony, and I think I don't deserve such sweet little angels in my life. They are my world and my most true joy, and to feel that is to know there is a God.

Realistically, there are moments where I'm saying to myself, "Who ARE you? I don't even know you?!" and, "Seriously?!"

In case I forget, here's a little of what goes on at the GreenHouse these days:

Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and "Mom, I can't fall asleep. I'm sooo hungry!"
Lots of baths that focus less on soap and more on Legos, animal-shaped sponges, Squinkies, and cars
Phineas and Ferb
Making random snacks (sneaky muffins, waffles, smoothies)--and distributing some not-so-healthy varieties as well!
Gym time (I try to exercise 5–6 times a week)
Visiting teaching (women visiting other women for fellowship, support, and a short lesson!)
Church activities
Suporting Mr. T in his basketball (and soon-to-be) softball leagues
So much laundry
Cleaning the homestead
"Mom, my stomach hurts."
Bicycles and scooters in the cul-de-sac
Park days (when we get a warm day)
"Mom, I need a wipe."
Working 10+ hours per week doing my editing stuff
Volunteering at the school
Reading with the kiddos
Watching others' kids
"Mom, can I have a friend over? Or 2? Or 3?"

My most favorite moments of the day usually occur around bedtime. Boston always gets a case of the giggles (as kids we would get similar 'attacks' and my dad would call it Camp Gichigumi). He is so vulnerable and tender at night and sometimes gives me a hug and wraps his gangly legs around me to try to cling on so that I can't leave or will carry him out with me!

Cassidy gives great hugs and is so thoughtful, making drawings for people. She recently told me that she's excited for me to go on my trip because she knows I'll have so much fun. She has an inborn desire to give without thought of what she'll get in return.

Beckett will sometimes say, "Mommy's face." If I turn my cheek to him he'll give the sweetest little kisses. He is by far the most intense of the kiddos, but I have a bond with him that is different and wonderful, and I feel so many positive things for him. If we can harness his focus and passion, he will be unstoppable!