Saturday, March 28, 2009


Remember how I had previously mentioned that I like getting dirty?

Came across these baby gems and realized that I have passed that morsel of goodness on to my kidlets. (you really need to click on the photo to enlarge it for maximum food particle exposure.)

I think it really was more about buying myself a few extra minutes sans-kidlet. There were moments when I had this little lady that I was wondering why women weren't born with kangaroo pouches. It'd save you the 80 bucks spent on a Baby Bjorn and allow for more hands-free mobility. Instead, I have a pouch that's useless, and as Judy says, doesn't even hold up your pants. My how evolved we've become.

On a separate note, Boston last night said, "What the freak?" I told him a big no on that expression. Then he said, "What about 'what the heck'?". Go Utah. And thanks, buddy Aidan.

Cassidy's recent vocab updates include: footsteps, shadow, crumbs, snagglenail (this is what I call hang nails), some random Spanish words, and . . .surprise surprise, "What the heck!"

Monday, March 23, 2009

Growing Like Weeds

Haven't seen some of these kids in a while. Consider yourselves invited.

*Note to my kids: these are just some of the friends I have preselected for your enjoyment.

Some are not posted, and some have yet to make their debut!

Monday, March 16, 2009

20 Random Things About Me

1. I love the beach. Love it.
2. I don’t really like Saturdays.
3. I’d live in the middle of nowhere to have this job of stay-at-home motherhood.
4. Soccer is exhilaration.
5. Inconsiderate people make me crazy.
6. Though abrasive, I think Dr. Laura knows her stuff.
7. I rarely nap.
8. I avoid artificial syrup and fake butter, but I find Spam and Mac and Cheese to be glorious inventions.
9. I’m not a terrific student; I have mastered the unfortunate skill of listening with no retention
10. I love the smell of fresh clothes or sheets cleaned with bleach
11. I’d choose the house in the movie Father of the Bride before I’d live in a mansion.
12. I fear my children growing up provincial.
13. (Almost) nothing grosses me out.
14. I have a crazy good memory about a lot of things (and as previously stated, not the stuff I learned in school!)
15. I like getting dirty.
16. I say, “Goo” or other random sound effect when I stub my toe, burn my finger, or otherwise hurt myself (and sometimes when I suck a coin up with the vacuum cleaner as well!)
17. Paper clutter: my nemesis
18. I adore men’s raspy, hoarse, or smoky voices
19. Trashy reality television is a vice I’m trying to overcome.
20. I wish I was more savvy with technology.

Friday, March 13, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance? Hmmm.

We've had a couple of great weekends. We even ventured to the zoo on a seemingly warm (high 50's)Saturday. The kids appreciated it so much since it had been a while. I do love the seasons, and though it is challenging, we keep our routines varied and have learned to get creative.We've been taking a ballroom dance class with some other couples. The experience has far surpassed my expectations, and I'm grateful that Trav jumped on the opportunity after being recruited by Graham. Graham is the metro-fabulous, cruise director of social affairs. Did I mention he has an oh-so-lovely British accent?Anyway, Trav and I had a blast out there (I guess being uninhibited can really be an asset!). We've now learned (slowly!) the foxtrot, cha cha, and waltz. What fun! I must say part of the enjoyment is watching how other couples learn together. It was quite a delight.

Here's Graham. I had a hard time learning the twinkle, so when he and I danced together, I must say, his Prada shoes had me highly distracted. Wooow! He and Sarah give it their all at practice...and I guess it shows. But seriously, Graham was in a boy band, or a former go-go dancer. A cabaret? What I'm saying is he's got natural skillz.

Ben mainly just didn't want people dancing into him. Personal bubble, people, hello!

Harmony brings out the dancin' man in her shy guy.

"1-2-CHA CHA CHA, Jason! Come on!"