Friday, February 17, 2012

Swiss Miss

Excited for the bff to have a baby! It seems not long ago that our moms were pregnant together with us. I had intended to try to re-create this scenario, but let's just say that my toddler has made the idea of a new baby sooooo haunting, daunting, and ripe for the crazy-making. He's lucky he's so cute. I took the kids to the aerospace museum at the air force base today. He loved the aircraft, but his favorite part was trying to eat dirt and sneak a lick of some rusty airplane nail. It's funny how, when I was first a mom, I'd be mortified to be dragging out a screaming child. Now, instead of feeling bad for onlookers' ears, I look at them as if to remind them that my ears are under assault all day. As America's Super Nanny would say, "Back to the calm down corner." He did give me two adorable smooches yesterday at Shannon's. Makes it worth the feistiness (where does he get such strong-willed personality? Haha).
Anyway, congrats Char. I was so blessed to be a part of her baby shower in L.A. I'm still dreaming about the delicious food. S'more bars, cookies, cupcakes, brunch delights like egg yumminess and fresh fruit. Dang you, s'more bars.