Monday, January 25, 2010


I hate that I haven't been able to post any holiday or kid birthday pictures yet, but alas, the house is coming along and (hopefully) soon we should have our built-ins done so that we can set up a mini office station.

Today we have double pink-eye at our house and it's another gloomy winter day, but luckily Trav built a ginormo fort downstairs and the kids are playing contently.

If I could complain for a minute it might be about not having a dishwasher yet, backed up gas bills (the most recent being $270), still not having all my kitchen in tact, a living room full of uninstalled cabinets, a mile-long list of stuff Trav and I have to do before I become larger (and thus birth another munchkin), and the majority of my job these days involving managing 'stuff'.
I could also describe a million little things that make me so grateful lately...the opportunity to have another baby (not to mention friends of mine being blessed with new heavenly treasures soon as well), this new beautiful kitchen that makes it more fun for me to plan meals and entertain company, our health, the blessing of having Trav's sister and my brother live with us for a while (so much better than I anticipated...thus far, at least!), and a husband that, with a little help from Dr. Pepper, is an Energizer bunny. Even after a long day at the office, he swoops in to help with the kids, does after-hour projects, and is genuinely interested in fulfilling my needs. Of course two of my greatest blessings are my two kidlets who constantly amaze me with their giant personalities and beautiful potential. I smile at them everyday, and laugh at their uber-honest utterances!

If Cassidy is uninterested in a conversation or is busy, she may ask that you don't talk to her because she is 'nervous' or 'anxious'.

After teaching the kids a little about stranger danger and the sacredness of their own bodies, Cass asked me, "Mom, are you the only one who is allowed to touch your big tatas?" (she's learned this word from her brother who only heard it once when he was two...though I've tried to change the vocab, this is the one that won't quit!)

Boston asked the other day what 'exquisite' meant. A few days later I heard him from the other room telling Cassidy, "You are exquisite, Cass. That means you are beautiful." When he's not provoking her, he cares for her with a precious tenderness.

So while it seems life is a bit chaotic and a whole lotta work, I'm grateful to be where I'm at and also very thankful for the journey that has brought me here. I wouldn't trade my college experiences in good ol' Rexburg, my 2 years with Travis in our little 'shoebox' apartment, the starving student days, the moves, late-night therapy sessions with my family, and the highs and lows for anything.