Monday, February 28, 2011

Cool Cats

You'd think being a native Californian that I'd bundle up extra cozy in the frigid cold. I don't. I believe in t-shirts. I'm inside most of the day anyway and it gets toasty--all the kid chasing, stair-climbing and cleaning. My friend Ginny always laughs at me when I run out to do carpool and she's in Uggs and cute sweaters. Maybe next winter I'll rock some cute winter duds. As for right now, I'm holding my breath for spring and summer goodness.

*I do have 2 or 3 sweaters, though I realize--even the one I'm wearing in this pic is only 3/4 length.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I'm not sure if many of you know, but when Travis and I were dating I put him through a series of question sessions. When I told my dad about this recently, he said--with a bit of man fear in his eyes--"Wow, how'd he feel being interviewed?" I replied, "Most important interview of his life!" I realize not all suitors would be so willing, but I'm grateful for Trav's willingness to communicate with me (then and now).

I feel like if you can't talk openly about things with a prospective husband, what success can come of the relationship? Anyway, I came across one of my 'lists' so I'll share.

This is dated January 27, 2000.
Favorite movie star? Female?
Famous crush?
What sport do you hope your children will play? Musical instrument?
When have you felt out of control?
Your daughter has her first boyfriend. How do you treat him?
Your 9-year-old refuses to go to church. What do you do?
You find your wife locked in a room, crying. How do you lure her out?
Your wife is mad at you. You don't know why and become frustrated because she refuses to talk. What do you do?
Your brother has just discovered he can't have kids and asks you to 'donate'. What do you do?
Your best friend (according to your wife) has been hitting on your wife. What now?
One of your friends claims your wife flirts with him.
What is the one quality you hope for most in a wife?
If your wife could do one thing every day to make you content, what would it be?
What makes a good husband?
How do you deal with criticism?

Some of these now make me giggle, and I assure you there were multiple lists, but I gotta say, I feel it sure paid off! As an effective 'interviewer', I was not only listening to his answers, but observing his willingess to go the distance and his ability and desire to communicate!

Happy Valentine's Week!