Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sprayin' Alive

I'm going for my first spray tan tonight. My friend owns a tanning salon, and since artificial toasting may not be the safest for this pastey princess, I figure I'll give it a go! I've always found oompa loompas somewhat intriguing. . .

And since swimsuits are a part of the inevitable future, here's another old pic.

You know how when you're a teenager the older ladies say things like, "Enjoy your figure because even though you may not love every part of it now, it only goes downhill!" or "Something happens to your metabolism once you hit 30."?

Those ladies may have been right. . .

I tried this swimsuit on the other day and I'll be honest, my thighs/love handles almost swallowed the sides of the bikini bottoms. Anyone interested in one of those pix?!

I love my friends. And these were some of the best days of my life!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Am Soccer. I Am Mom.

Who knew getting a minivan would be as controversial as government bailouts? Many seem to have opinions, so I tried to investigate this 'van stigma'.

What People Are Saying:
Not hip
Made for people overly-anxious to reproduce (fill all those seats!)
Soccer moms
Everyone's got 'em

Well, I soon realized. . .
It's the prettiest car I've owned (which I suppose doesn't say much!)
I'm not so hip myself
I'm not eager for more kids, but I practice (is that distasteful?!)
I play soccer and hope my kids will.
There must be a reason?

Anyhoo, I can't stop smiling as I open those automatic doors and change the radio with the touch of a button on my steering wheel. Ahhhh.