Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Today I have been so blessed. In the quiet of the house (now that it's almost 11 p.m.) I am reflecting on a day that has been pretty spectacular.

Texting with Sarajane about our guilty pleasure: The Bachelorette
Receiving a letter from my dad
Talking on the phone with Charlotte in Switzerland and knowing the distance has only brought us closer
Boot camp with one amazing instructor
Delicious bbq chicken for dinner cooked by an adoring husband
Made zucchini bread for my kids (had white beans and squash, and they didn't notice!)
Park with the kids
Brought a surprise treat to my sister
Neighbor brought me food
Talked nice to the neighbor who's not my favorite in an effort to start fresh amd forgive
Got to see Beckett attempt some new signs (like 'please' and 'my turn', 'water' and 'thirsty') and say meow (sounding like a high-pitched shriek), cat, cracker, and shoes (probably only his mom could understand!)
Cleaned my floors and the basement, and two nasty toilets
Went to Ross (Ross is boss)
Kids had a friend over, then had a 'switchover' at his house

And then here I am listening to some of the music from Tangled while sorting recent pictures and I can't help but tear up over these little reminders:

*More about my last two weeks of travel soon!