Thursday, September 30, 2010


I can't believe the Beckett man Bobas is 6 months old! As you are the third, Little Man, I'm not sure describing your infancy is all that accurate. A lot of the memories we have are centered around our family dynamic. For instance, your bout of colic/fussiness that started at 6 weeks I really feel wouldn't have been a big deal had it not been for the other two energetic kiddos. When Boston was a baby, I had the time to sit and hold him and nurse him at all hours. And though your little nervous system was working itself out, I also have never felt such euphoria. The weeks after delivery I just couldn't get enough of you. Dad hated admitting that you were--quite possibly--the cutest kid he'd ever seen. Part of the joy of having you was seeing Boston and Cassidy accept and love you immediately. They have never said one unkind thing about your arrival. They innately protect and care for you. They adore every little thing about you. When you're ready for the tub, Cass can't stop patting your bare 'bum bum'. And Boston loves to play with you and try to escape your drool and claws. He's so excited to teach you baseball and is so proud when he can hold you on his own and show you to his friends and classmates.

At 5 weeks, you rolled over for the first time and blessed us with your first grin. By the time you were almost 3-months-old you were rolling across the floor. And even though you hated your carseat as a newborn and being naked, you now appreciate the opportunity to roll around sans clothing (grabbing yourself to make sure nothing has disappeared since the last diaper change!) and proved to be the most amazing traveler on your first flight to LA and road trip to California.

You are so aware and determined. You are always looking around for new faces and already experience cabin fever. You love being outside and would choose noise and the hustle and bustle of a busy household over quiet activity. The other day we put you in the stroller with Jason and you immediately grabbed the sides and started rocking back and forth as if to say, "Quit chattin' and let's get this show on the road!" You love toys more than any baby I've seen. I'm constantly rotating them out and you already have a favorite (the caterpillar I hijacked from Brandi).

Lastly, I must mention your crazy ability to eat. You are only 50th percentile in weight (75th in height) but eat like a toddler. Sometimes I'm concerned that you could eat 6 oz every 3-4 hours around the clock. It's exhausting and mind-blowing all at the same time.

I try to keep most of these mommy details in my personal journal, but I just had to post about how much I adore you, Beckett. You are my little blonde surfer-boy. I know in all your eye contact that you have a lot to say and your own little personality. You look just like Dad and I just can't get enough of that pouty lower lip. Though it may seem that you are compared often to your siblings, just know that I enjoy you in a special way because I'm not a brand-new mommy. I have had calmness (thus far) with you and more assurance in my parenting skills which has allowed me to take it all in and savor your milestones without being schedule-obsessed or overly worried. We love love LOVE you.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Uhh Uhh Hoooppy Birtday

Today is my amazing sister's birthday. She is the reason I even consider having another baby...the opportunity to possibly give my Cassidy the beautiful gift of a sister. Bridget is the greatest friend. She is beautiful, courageous, unpretentious, genuine, guileless, spiritual, funny (so funny!), accepting, and unafraid.

When we were kids, she was always trying to snuggle and smother me with love (which I truly couldn't stand as a kid!). I was uncomfortable with all the mooshy affection--which only fueled her fire to squeeze in one more forced hug. She's always been a lover of a girl. Her sensitive, tender ways haven't always yielded the best outcomes for her but now pay off big for her as a parent. Her children will never question the love she has for them.

When I became a pear-shaped pre-teen and she was the slender, gorgeous adolescent I remember going to her room to cry to her about my body insecurities. She didn't hesitate to drop whatever she was doing (talking on the phone, daydreaming to Kost 103.5, writing in her journal, or planning which baggy jeans and bodysuit she'd wear to school the next day) to give me a pep talk and loving advice.

We've both had our reason along the way to live parallel lives, but these last few years we have become soul sistahs. We have no jealousy between us. I always know she wants the best for me and I her. When we aren't laughing our way through the craziness that is motherhood (visualize Jason's once-silent, slide-into-home tantrums or Cassidy's order-barking from the bed to deliver juice, popcorn and/or candy stat), we are sharing tender moments and finishing each other's sentences. We see each other almost every day. She's got my back (and she's just the cholita you want in your corner, yo). I love her more than molten chocolate cake, long random (and sometimes unsavory) trips to Ross and the 'Maxx, walks around El Pecker Park, and even a labor-inducing deep-fried Twinkie. Happy Birthday, my wonderful Biddy!