Sunday, April 25, 2010

Snow in April

Had to post a picture of the R2-D2 snowman. Boston is obsessed with Star Wars these days!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hot Friday

Last night at about 7 I went upstairs for a nice, relaxing bath. I had told Travis that I would be needing a few hours out on Saturday. He came up and told me that I should just get ready and go out because sometimes weekends get busy and the time slips away. I dug deep for some energy and decided to give it a go. What did I do with this fabulous free time, you ask?

I put on my favorite (maternity) jeans and escaped for a night on the town (shopping at Target). Okay, Friday nights aren't perfect these days, but even a few minutes away make me remember who I am when I'm not covered in baby barf and boogers!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh Baby

I'm sure you've read in the past about my dear friend, Judy. She's fabulous; and fabulously talented. We go way a time when we used to giggle during church (causing the bench to shake as we attempted silent laughter), pull out our hair (somehow we both shared this comforting, yet unattractive past-time), and play horses with a salty jump-rope; taking turns being horse and driver. She used to make my high school parties more popular (she lived in Pasadena, so the boys always wondered if my 'hot' friend would be making a cameo!).
Anyhoo, she happened to be in town the week after Beckett's arrival. These pictures are among her generous gift to our family. It was so fun to see her gorgeous kids and spend some much-needed time with her.

Thank you thank you, dear Judaluv! (and please check out her photo blog at

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby Beckett

Easter morning before Boston, Cassidy and Trav headed up to his mom's for the annual egg hunt.


Our new little arrival is finally here after what seems to have been the longest pregnancy ever! It was a bummer that my mom was in town last week as the doctor had been telling me he hoped to induce at 39 weeks but changed his mind. At 40 weeks we opted to get the show on the road.

We checked in the hospital on March 31 at about 9 a.m. and I was hooked up on some pitocin (to augment labor) by about 10. The doctor came in and broke my water at noon (I know the men reading love details like this!). I got my epidural around 2 which took a while to take effect (panic!). The anesthesiologist came back in and redosed me (aka made my legs disappear!) so I tried to rest for a few minutes. I never did actually fall asleep but all of a sudden I didn't feel tired anymore. My hands started to shake a little and my body was telling me it was game time (which was pretty remarkable considering at this point I was not feeling even pressure from contractions).

Travis remembered my 'game face' from Cassidy's birth so he immediately called the nurse to come check me. Sure enough it was time to get the doctor there. After prepping for the delivery and getting the baby nurses in the room (and some extra NICU nurses just as a precaution because there appeared to be meconium in the fluid), they told me to start pushing. I attempted a push or two and little Beckett eagerly 'crawled out', popping a little arm out while they were still suctioning his mouth.

It was amazing, and I'm so grateful to have had Travis and Bridget there supporting me and giving me words of encouragement. (They say you shouldn't eat during labor, but Doula Bridget hooked me up with a protein bar and some candy...not to mention rubbed my feet!). Beckett is just gorgeous with his blonde hair and little button nose.

Overall we had a great experience at the hospital with fabulous nurses and so much help and support with Boston and Cass while we were away. Six fabulous neighborhood friends even came in and cleaned the whole house during my hospital stay!

Travis is off work all week, which has been such a blessing. He is the best! He's been getting up in the night to help out and has been building snowmen (yes, snowmen in April...argh!), toy shopping, and getting stuff done around the house with the two 'big kids'. He is a champion, so I'm sure the tears will be flowing when we have to get back to 'life'!

The kids so far are excited about the new bundle, though they've been full of extra energy and a little moody, which was to be expected.
More soon!

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