Sunday, March 20, 2011


Love you, daughter. Grateful Grandma Cheryl could let you and your brothers have a sleepover last night so we could party like rockstars and enjoy a little needed quiet time after a long week.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Piano Men

Thanks, Dadda, for always being excited to come for a visit, a breakfast out, or to swoop in to the rescue when we need a casserole or other daddy/granddaddy-delights. Love you!

Even though I stink at piano-playing, while my mom, dad, and sister are truly gifted (not to mention Pat's a drum master!), I love to have this piece of my Grandma Ginny in my home. She was a spitfire; a gracious, giving, spunky entertainer who has left with us her legacy through books, this fabulous piano, and of course, daddy-o.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wee Walker

Yesterday, at the ripe age of 11-months, cute Beckett decided to take his first 5 steps to the couch. I wasn't expecting it, and was completely delighted to see him reach one of his first little milestones. Love you, adorable boy.

Monday, March 7, 2011


I've had the opportunity to watch Patrick and Emily's 2 cutie boys in the afternoons. The morning I was supposed to start my 'duties' as part-time helper, I woke up abruptly at 6 in the morning and wondered what I was thinking. But I am happy to say that things have gone so much smoother than I had anticipated. I love Ethan and Spencer and so do my kiddos. I enjoy knowing that they have become happy, instant cousins. They all play well together.

Ethan is smart. He knows what day of the week it is, what the weather forecast is, and his weekend plans. He, like Boston, loves Wii and always asks when we'll be playing it next. He enjoys playing outside no matter what the weather and riding scooters. He's a bird eater, but in true bird fashion, looooves fish (goldfish crackers, that is!).

Spencer, or wee little butterball (as Patrick sometimes calls him) is this adorable bundle of eye expressions, funny words, and awareness. He often comes to me with a disgusted look on his face, refusing to use the toilet because there's pee pee on the seat. He and Cassidy have funny conversations in the car. A few weeks ago Cassidy was telling Spencer that she wanted a gold tooth like her dad. Spencer agreed that that would be just wonderful. When the chatting gets to potty talk and I give them 'the eye' in the mirror, Spencer is quick to say that his mommy will spank his butt if he uses those words.

The other day, sweet Spencer was trying to take a little nap on the couch and as the energy and noise of the other kids moved from where we were in the kitchen, I found that some critters didn't think Spencer should be able to take a nap. So rude. Luckily, Spencer slept through the curiousity and sneakiness.