Saturday, June 26, 2010

Beckett 2.5

I can't believe the little man is on his way to 3-months-old! I have had so many sleepless nights, but I've got faith that we're growing into better slumber soon! Even during his 4 weeks of fussy colic time, we could tell that he seemed good-natured, so it's fun to see him smile and almost giggle. He has always been big on eye contact and eating, and now he's noticing his hands and grabbing toys, which is pretty adorable. He's a drool machine and the kids always ask if they can wash their hands and let Beckett nibble on their knuckles.

I've been more house-bound than I prefer, mainly due to my choice of a good nap for Beck over an excursion with on-the-go sleep, but Boston and Cassidy have risen to the occasion by becoming more independent. They have been making their own sandwiches and getting their own drinks, and most mornings they'd prefer to dress themselves and head outside to ride their bikes over watching morning cartoons. They love Beckett so much. They were sneaky for a few weeks when they realized just how diverted my attention was, but they love helping me with the baby and entertaining him with songs and sweet words.

One thing that has made this transition better is Travis' extra outings and special time with Boston and Cass. They are always out playing baseball with Dad after work or helping him with something. Tonight they're off to a ballgame, leaving me at home for some quiet bonding time with the Bugaboo.