Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Of course I don't have access to some of my old pictures right now, so I can't show some old cheerleading pix of the fabulous Faarnaz, but I thought I MUST mention that Faarnaz, aka "Naz" has made it to Round 2 for the Models of the Runway casting for Lifetime. This tv show will focus on the models who strut the catwalk for Project Runway, and will also document the life and drama of models when they're not workin' it in the spotlight. Vote for her! She's still the bright, bubbly, fun and sweet girl you remember. Love her! Best of luck, beautiful girl!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Floody Hell

Most of you know the little 'situation' at the Green House. We went to a birthday party in Park City around 10 a.m. on Aug. 23rd and came home around 2 p.m. to a raining house. Something with the toilet in the kids' upstairs bathroom exploded and water basically was shooting out of the back of the toilet (I'm assuming the whole time we were gone).

Trav was the first to discover the mess when he ran in to change his clothes while I was waiting in the car with the kids. When he opened the front door, I could hear the smoke detectors beeping and Emma ran out soaking. I told the kids to stay put and basically followed Trav around aimlessly(he had a purpose...trying to figure out the origination of the flood and turning off the water and power) with my jaw hanging open (alternating with my hands on my head in disbelief) saying, "Oh my gosh, what are we going to do?! We can't live here! Did I do that?" I'm sure it was priceless. I surprisingly didn't cry but was quick to ask, "Do you think they'll have to replace the kitchen cabinets?" I know it'll be worth it in the end, but it has been quite the ordeal!

The water basically ran out of the bathroom, down the hall into each bedroom (luckily just a few feet into each room). It then poured through the floor and down both sets of stairs through the main level and into the basement. Gallons of water were dumping through the ceiling in the kitchen, and the walls downstairs were bulging and ready to pop.

Travis' 16-year-old sister, Sara, had moved in with us just a week prior, and her basement bedroom was basically demolished. Overall, with a week of hotels, a move to a rental house, lots of random takeout, and a messed up routine, we've all managed pretty well. Fortunately, most of our personal belongings were spared and we're excited about the unplanned remodel.

There really is no place like home. Many of my days with the kids at the rental house have been slow, and some days are so busy that I meet Travis at the church after work, and throw some dinner and the kids his way so that I can fulfill my scouting responsibilities. A short hour later we swap the kids back so that he can coach football or attend an activity with the young men. And it isn't uncommon for us to stop by the Home Depot where one of us will hop out and run in to check out a kitchen or accessory option while the other circles around hoping for the kids to get just one much-needed nap.

Travis handles a lot of stress with ease, and is a dynamo when it comes to managing the many tasks on his plate. I'm glad to be on his team during life's little speed bumps! It doesn't hurt, either, to have wonderful neighbors, family, and friends who have come for a late-night pantry and fireplace demo, help install recessed lighting, offered to help paint, and, most amazingly, serve us a meal or watch the kids.

We're hoping to be back home for Thanksgiving. We will definitely be throwing a party to celebrate!

These are shots of what we came home to. Thankfully, I had just thoroughly cleaned the previous day...which made meeting the insurance and clean-up crew much less embarrassing than it could have been!

There were many spots where the paint had stretched like fabric from the constant water flow.

Post demolition:

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Had a faaabulous weekend with some of my favorite girls. As a 30th birthday celebration, we met up at Charlotte's in San Diego. So fun. Could I like SD as much as OC? The company couldn't be beat. I have beautiful, talented, amazing friends.
Charlotte is this fashionista, soul-mate girl with this unquenchable entrepreneurial spirit, patience and positivity. She has walls up to those she may not trust, but there's an endearing vulnerability about her. When you’re in with her, it’s for life. It has been a blessing to grow with her by my side.
Maren is unjaded, unaffected, and focused. She has a strength and power she may not always wear on her sleeve, but she knows it because she uses it when push comes to shove. Her family is so lucky to know her passion for them. Her determination is unyielding!
Julyssa is driven. She's competitive, loyal, and determined. I love me an athletic girl, and that's Julyss. She's a mom I could see every day, and she saves me with her listening ear on the phone. One day when I first had Boston I called her crying because I felt I didn't even have a moment to eat. She immediately asked if I needed her to come down from AZ, and I knew she would.
Nikki. My Nikki. Besides being practically my sister, we have this understanding. She is smart, assured, teachable, and quietly persistent. She doesn’t go on and on about what she’s going to do, she just gets to it. She is so smart and hardworking. While we are different in many ways, I know that she appreciates me for who I am. Did I say humble? She can’t be more embarrassed that I point out to everyone that she’s my favorite doctor!
Judy is true and honest. She doesn’t know how smart she really is. She’s well-read, informed, and has always been spiritual. She is the real deal, and if you ask her about her challenges and triumphs, there will be no ego overshadowing her response. She puts it all out on the table, which is refreshing, because I have grown from her candor and intellect. She makes no apologies for who she is, and is incredibly tender and willing.

Some of the things we ate (because really, it always comes back to food, right?):
Phil's BBQ
Brady's BBQ
Char's famous sticky buns
Extraordinary Desserts
Richard Walker's Pancake House (notice the picture with Mr. Richard Walker himself!)
Delightful pasta in Little Italy

We also enjoyed kayaking, a hike with an ocean view, shopping, singing karaoke, playing games, and, of course, chatting 'til the wee hours of the night (which some nights meant 10, and others, 2:15! Judy: "Come on, Chels, you promised you'd play Scattergories with me!"

Can't wait for the big 3-1 celebration!