Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yo' Momma

Had a blast with Mom this week. We partied like rock stars: which means, in essence, we went to movies, visited Kohl's more times than I'd like to admit, talked 'til the wee mornin' hours, ate out, ate in, and played games.

Gotta say, I'm not sure if it was luck, but my hubby has been amazing. He'd urge me to go out for hours at a time and never made one little complaint about spending so much time with his Ma-in-law. In fact, I'm pretty sure I can say they have a great relationship. Trav has let her into his 'circle of trust'! He's not an untrusting fellow, but it's more than I could ask for!

Thanks for all the good times, sweater dresses, and endless generosity. Love you, Moodums!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Hope Yule Like It

We had such a great Christmas. During the week we went to Temple Square to see the lights, which was so fun. We listened to the story of Jesus while admiring the nativity. Boston is very inquisitive, and it's a great opportunity to share my feelings about my Savior. I'm surprised at how much he knows (though after a primary lesson, he brought home a picture of Jesus and told me it was Santa. Beards can be confusing for li'l tykes!).

Trav waaay overdid the gifts. It was pretty fun to watch him the first night pulling out presents from his little hiding spot, but by late night wrapping party #3, I was starting to feel guilty. I know there are many kids who probably didn't have a Christmas. We are so fortunate.

We always have a sort of revolving door around the holidays. We cooked (by we I mean mainly Trav) 3 delicious meals for Christmas.
Christmas Eve: tri-tip steak on the grill, fresh grilled green beans, sweet potato casserole, cheesy potatoes (also known as 'funeral' potatoes)
Christmas morn: sausage and egg breakfast casserole, blueberry muffins, fruit
Christmas dinner: soup buffet- loaded baked potato and creamy Italian sausage delight, rolls and an amazing salad with cashews, pears, and a yummy lemon poppyseed dressing (thanks Dad and Renita)
Oh, and there were some yummy desserts. Am I always talking about food? Hello!

One thing I absolutely love about my family is that we rarely talk about the weather. I always learn so much from my parents and enjoy thought-provoking conversation. Sometimes we're serious and sometimes we're silly, but it's never boring.

Here are a few quotes overheard during the various festivities:

1. "I'm not judging! I got major freakin' problems!"
2. "How many ppppeople did I kiss?"
3. "Tell Baby Jason to watch out for the dog's naughty bits."
4. "One movie I'm not going to see is that one with Emma Thomson and Dustin Hoffman! Why do they keep giving that guy movies? He's disgusting."
5. "Sara, why don't you try on your new slippers?"
"She's afraid everyone will see her knobby toes."

Hey, I didn't say our conversation was always high class!

One of our family traditions: new Christmas pjs.

Sarajane's new pjs are a delight: footed!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Aspen: Good!

Ahhh, Aspen. Just want to go back! I've always pictured a true 'me' vacation being somewhere warm, but I may have changed my mind! I absolutely loved sitting by the fire with some of my favorite people in this world drinking hot cocoa, loungin' in the hot tub, skiing, shopping, snowshoeing, snacking, and playing games.

Snowshoeing was more fun than I thought.

Snowshoe rental, $13, Jacket: $200 (in the year 1998!), a dog humping your friend on the hill: priceless.

Seriously, when a random puppy comes running up the hill and your friends get all nervous, the right thing to do is to bend down, make a snowball, and throw it to distract the dog. Well, the dog apparently thought that was invitation to jump aboard. Aaron was the only one to attempt to save me amidst the roaring laughter. My dear husband just kept on shootin' pix. It was hilarious!

Great men apparently think alike. . .they simultaneously debuted brown sweaters our first night on the town.

If you've never been to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. . .mmmm. Two words: yummy filet.

Her cuteness!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Super Girl

I knew I'd find this somewhere. Sarajane, you are such a superhero!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Global Warming? Big Fan.

December 1st and I'm excited to announce that we spent over 2 hours at the park. December 1st!!! I arrived equipped with 3 children (we often borrow our carpool buddy from preschool) and a pile of chicken mcnuggets. Glorious.