Monday, August 23, 2010

Beckett Earns His Wings

Made a spontaneous trip to see my mom who recently had knee surgery. I thought I would be her helper, but later discovered she would be mine! We sat around and it was faaabulous! She sent me for a pedicure while she held Mr. Beckett. I walked the Rose Bowl (just like old times) one morning, and then went out to Playa Vista for a little time at Nikki's retreat the area! Char and Brady came up from San Diego to hang for a bit and Jenny and I got some time together with our babies.

Long, relaxing afternoon at the pool. Not! More like 20 minutes. Got breezy and Beckett didn't think the pool was warm enough!

Love these ladies...notice me hiding my post-partum largeness behind Char (these girls, might I add, could wear a paper bag and look stylishly gorgeous!)

Baby Olivia (Jenny and Jeff's little girl) was born on MY birthday. She and Beckett are only 3 weeks cute.

I always learn about the coolest flip-flops when I'm in California. Can't even remember what they told me was the newest "It" brand. My brain literally no funciona.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dog Daze

It's so sad to think that we only have a couple more months (hopefully) with our sweet Emma dog, due to her recent bone cancer diagnosis. She has truly been a member of our family. And while she has a couple unpleasant quirks (her gas and drool!), everyone who has spent any time with her would tell you she's one of the best dogs they've met. She is amazing with children. She is a sister and guardian to my kids and a lump of a love to visitors. I always have a house full of people and she is such a good sport to let kids crawl on her, poke her, and attempt to saddle her up for a ride. She never shows a bit of temper, and would rather lay on the floor amidst the chaos and kiddos than to be away from people.

If my kids are in the front yard and I can't see them or they've wandered, I can tell Emma to go find them and she'll head out to them or stand at attention by the front door watching them. She is protective and loyal and will get between me and a stranger or another dog. Last week there was an unfamiliar working on the house next door. He got close to one of the kids to take a picture of the house and Emma immediately assumed the downward dog position, looking as though she'd pounce (though more likely lick to death) her 'target'.

We just love her so much. There is more to be said, but for now I'll just enjoy hearing her quietly snore next to me and consider myself blessed.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

'Beach' Days

Why didn't we start going to the 'beach' at Willard Bay sooner?! Travis used to go often as a child but it took an invite from Julie and Jenna (some of my favorite LA transplants) to pack up the kiddos and go. The kids played for hours in the sand and wading in the water. We've been twice now and will probably make it a weekly occurance until dreaded cold arrives.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Waiting. . .

I've been waiting for my desktop to be up and running so that I can upload photos, but alas dear husband is as busy as ever. So I promise to jump-drive some photos onto my laptop for my next post, but until then, an update:

This little Beckett man is kickin' my booty. He's so sweet and predictable during the day, but he's a frequent night-waker. I thought he was hungry, so I started mainly bottle-feeding at night. And when Trav kept him all night, he informed me the next morning that he had basically drunk over 18 ounces between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. Thank heavens for a helpful husband. We tag team at night so that I'm not completely worthless and lacking in patience.

We let him cry it out a few Sundays ago after a 24th of July fireworks party. He was squirrely and fussy and wouldn't nap at the party. When the fireworks started, he crashed. He loves noise and is very aware. If there are people to look at, his little eyes wander around and missing a possible party is out of the question! I had just had it with rocking and bouncing and singing and no pay-off. The first hour of the crying was not hard. I remember with Boston it was so painful. Ahh, the difference of the third child! There were a few interruptions of my cry-out...including a poopy blowout and a necessary feeding, but that little turkey lasted 4 hours. And after about 40 minutes of sleep he was up and back at the crying. I must admit, I felt triumphant because I felt like I had begun to relinquish some of my control. I'm not good at feeling bossed around by pint-sized kidlets.

Anyway, he now goes to sleep easily but is still waking. Depending on the night and situation, I still let him cry in the middle of the night. Last night he was much better, so I'm guessing the prayers are working! Babies change so much. That's why I'm working on not over-analyzing. I love my surfer dude. He smiles and squeals (a lot!), loves music and singing (especially when it's Auntie Bridget voice), rolling over, and spinning around in his entertainment-saucer. He loves munching knuckles, watching his energetic siblings, playing with toys, and being around an energetic household.