Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Take a Good Book at Your Marriage

My dad and his adorable wife recently got their book published. I am sooo proud!

The book is available at Deseret Book and other independent LDS bookstores, and on-line through Buy many and buy often...Christmas is just around the corner, friends! I can pick up some copies to bring on my upcoming trip to Cali if you're interested, so let me know!

A brief synopsis:
Behind the Smiling Faces is an honest, realistic view of marriage and divorce from different perspectives: successfully married couples, divorced spouses, and leading LDS marriage experts. The book is a cautionary tale for those considering marriage, struggling with their marriages, or contemplating divorce. Ultimately, readers may find that they are the people behind the smiling faces.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Red Food Dye Overload, 80 Lbs. of Pumpkins & Gifts of Guns Galore

We had fun celebrating Boston's birthday! While waiting for our buddies to arrive, Travis took Boston, Cass, Alex and Gabriel on the little farm train, the hay slides, and mini corn maze.

A horrible pic, but what a fitting example of our brave daredevil, Cass!

Aaron, Brandi, Ben and Shannon and their munchkins.

Friday morning Trav got it in his head that he needed to buy Boston a bike. Travis absolutely LOVES giving presents, especially to the kids. Bridget and I were laughing at how excited he was wheeling it out to surprise Boston.

My response to Boston's request for both a Spiderman and Batman cake.

Grandma and Grandpa Thomson gave him the voice changing storm trooper mask he wanted. Now I have a (cute) bobblehead for a son.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

4 the Love of Pumpkins

We can't believe our Boston is almost four! Crazy. We've been planning our trip to SoCal, so birthday plans have somewhat fallen by the wayside; but we've come up with a sort of compromise between party and nothing.

We're taking Boston to pick a pumpkin and ride the tractor at a local farm and we're inviting any friends/family to join us. Boston loved this so much last year that he talked nonstop about it for months.

So this is as formal an invite as most of you will get! Please join us this Friday. We're going to meet at Black Island Farms in Syracuse around 6 p.m. We'll be providing some snacks and cake after (either at our house or the exciting McD's near the farm if it gets too late!).

Find coupons, directions, and a list of all the other fun stuff at

If you haven't been here before, I assure you your kids will love it!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Two Date or Not to Date

Yeah, some of you have cute sisters, but did they have two dates to one dance? Ahh, the perils of teenage stardom! You go girl.

Also, I'm requesting from the Sapiandante family a delightful picture of my pseudo-sister Jenny circa 1985. I'm offering rewards. Dig deep, my friends.

Desperately Seeking Soothin'

I may have not blogged last week for a couple reasons. We were busy. But then, there was this:

And this:

Cassidy wanted to eat dog bones and butter off of a spoon. Boston wanted to play blocks on the floor, but did not want Cassidy's help (which she's always willing to give). Awesome. I can so see why people stop me in the stores to tell me how cute my kids are.