Friday, March 23, 2012

Terror-licious 2's

I can't believe you're almost 2. You've been rough, my friend. You didn't sleep more than three or four hours a stretch for your first six months of life. I prayed you'd do more than act irritable and cry.

You are stubborn and feisty, but as you near these terrible twos, all I'm thinking is how much I love you. You (knock on wood!) give me the sweetest smile as I lay you down for your nap and stroke your forehead. Your blonde hair melts my heart, and while you say only a few words, you tackle some hard ones with glory: shadow, color, green, purple.

You stopped saying 'Dad' and now squeal at Dad with delight, "Mom!" I just figure mom is your word for love (hee hee). You scream almost every time I put you in your carseat, and you flip flop like a fish at almost every diaper-change, but every time I look at you, or you squeeze my neck tightly, or pat the spot next to you on the bed so I'll sit by you, it's somehow worth all the craziness. You are such a joy to me.

p.s. And don't think I'll forget that you terrorize the house with your permanent marker art! Thanks for drawing pink swirlies aaaalllll over the dining room while we went to our cooking class date night last weekend!

p.p.s. This post was written during naptime.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Hawaii

I have the most generous, giving friends. How fortunate I am, as well, for a husband who supports and expects me to nurture my friendships. This last trip to Hawaii with Bridget, Nikki, and Jenny was so beautiful and relaxing.
Even when Nikki and Jenny's Uncle Leslie (we've always called him our uncle too!)was taking us to the airport, he was getting nostalgic about the four of us growing up together. He even had a picture of us all sitting on Nikki's porch swing (I think we were only 8 and 10 or so at the time. We grew up as sisters. I get emotional to even imagine not having in my life.

Some of the new memories we made, well, let's face it, occured around a table doing the eating we do best. Some num nums included Argentinian donuts called malasadas, shave ice, huge pancakes with nut butter and mango syrup from Cinnamon's, omelettes, baked goods from a random market, shave ice, cream puffs from Liliha bakery, Jenny's 55 cookie purchase (Nikki did the math so she had to buy the most economical quantity!), and poolside nachos. I'm amazed at our ability to eat and then eat some more.

***In the pic above, we had just opened our malasadas, which are donut-y. In line, Bridget said to Nikki, "These things are basically donut holes, right? Nikki sort of shrugged, so when B opened the box and saw that they were each the size of a large dinner roll, she was laughing about buying 4. Deception! Good times!)

We also had fun sitting in the fabulous infinity pool overlooking the ocean, floating on these foam beanbag floaties (while often gawking at people making out who must have forgotten they were not alone!). I delighted the crew with some hula dances, incorporating some sign language imported from Beckett's favorite tv show, Signing Time. While at the mall there, we saw Leland from Dog the Bounty Hunter. Bridget and I followed him a while before deciding we should give him his space because he was with his family.

The first day we got there, we were sitting on the beach near a woman who advertises this catamaran ride. Her voice was so rhythmic and hypnotic as she'd call out, "Catamaran ride? Sail today?" She'd also speak in Japanese to some tourists. Eventually, Bridget and I were sold and took the hour ride. There were only a few people on the catamaran ride, and in true 'me' fashion, I made friends with a sweet gay couple from Canada (who had a waterproof camera!). We saw a couple turtles, but no dolphins this time. There was a pretty attractive guy sailing the catamaran, and I noticed one of the pictures our new buddy took had him subtly in the background (okay, I'm only assuming here!). Turns out the 'sailor' is the son of a sailing legend, Woodbridge Brown (there was a movie made about him called Of Wind and Waves).
**I'm assuming our new buddy wasn't intending on taking a nice picture of the older couple on the catamaran ride (hee hee). I think Nikki should date Mr. Sailor!.

When Uncle Leslie picked us up, he was so excited to hear every detail of the trip. "Yes, what else? And what else? And what else?!" We apologized for getting him up so early to pick us up from our red eye flight, but he reminded us that he's a morning person and has a whole cer-E-mony as a part of getting ready for the day. Love that guy!