Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Will you judge me for saying Modern Family is one of my most favorite tv shows right now? When we were in Cali last month, my dad happened to be filling in at Fox for a month, so he was able to get us on the set while they were filming tonight's episode. Sadly, I only got to admire Ty Burrell from across the room. Love that Phil Dunphy. It was a great experience. Thanks, Dadda!

Jay and Gloria's house

Mitch and Cam's fireplace (you can tell we'd been running outside in the rain!)

p.s. Thanks to our Jenny for taking the kiddos to Jump-n-Jammin' while we braved the crazy rain and traffic to get to the studio!


Halloween was so laid back this year. It was unseasonably warm, which really made my day/night. It almost seemed to be a California-esque trick-or-treat evening. The kids had great energy throughout the night and we just walked a lot and filled our bags with candy. We always enjoy the adjacent neighborhood because they do a lot of fabulous decorating and give out amazing treats and glow toys

Seven Heaven

It's hard to believe my Boston is 7 years old! I'm just so crazy about him. It seems like yesterday that I was washing all his new clothes from my generous baby showers and setting up his little nursery in our apartment in Newport Beach. I had such an amazing pregnancy with him, going to the beach and on long sea-air walks along the beautiful ocean-view Castaways neighborhood. I used to look in the windows of the amazing homes, imagining no other place I'd rather raise my sweet boy. Soon after I held him for the first time (a week past his due date, despite jogging and bouncing on my exercise ball!), I realized it didn't matter where I lived, as long as I was with him. When he was just 10 months old, we got a job offer in Utah and, somewhat begrudgingly, we made the move back. It was almost within the week we moved to our new house that he started sleeping through the night (solid 12-hour stretches!). I knew he liked the open space and seeing Daddy more often. They've always had an easy bond. "Special boy" and Dad love sports and hanging out together.

Today, Boston is still shy with adults, but a true extrovert. He asks for friends every single day and is growing like a weed. He's got an amazing appetite and is persistent, curious, and kind. His teacher said that he's ahead in school and that she's never heard him say an unkind word to anyone. He climbs like a monkey and will hang on anything he can, including Dad, as well as jump-attacking Mom (it starts as a hug, then he wraps and attaches at the legs!).

He likes to provoke his siblings, but if someone really loses it, he's the first to jump in and smooth things over. If I'm having a bad day or I yell at Beckett, he swoops in with sweetness to try to create peace. At night if I lay down with him before bedtime, he will just look at me and smile with this special mom/son connection, and I literally think my heart will explode.

We love you, Boston! Glad you had fun at your party with a ton of kids, Dad's homemade pirate pinata and scavenger hunt, and a garage corn dog meal with cake, ice cream, and presents.