Thursday, May 20, 2010


I have a strange feeling about this decade called my 30's. Right now I'm not sure whether or not to fight my teenage acne or my wrinkles. I guess I need a heavy night cream containing benzoyl peroxide. Hmmm.

Top 5 reasons I feel sexy today.
1. my leg hairs actually hurt they are so pokey
2. my afore-mentioned acne and wrinkles
3. the deflated balloon, cottage cheese pizza dough that is my stomach
4. my hot wardrobe consisting primarily of elastic-waisted pants
5. cracked heels that cannot be ignored because they snag my 700 thread-count sheet when I move in bed

The good news is that I'm so tired that this list makes me deliriously giggle, not cry. Go me!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kickin' It

I started playing soccer again last week thanks to my fabulous soccer star friend, Harmony. She's definitely in 'the know' when it comes to all things soccer. It was fun that my mom and brother were able to come and cheer me on. Normally we play indoor, but this is an outdoor city league. I was happy to at least be able to keep up. It felt good to be on the field! I didn't pass out, pull a muscle, nor wet my pants. Hooray!

And now, my public apology for being a flakey friend to her (and others who may have not yet received a thank-you note or text back or phone call return!). My brain and body are functioning on minimal sleep. I'll be new and improved (hopefully!) soon.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Surfer Dude

Beckett at 3 weeks old. He sleeps pretty well. Cries quite a bit. Snuggles like a champ. Eats all the time (weighed 9 lbs. 5 oz at 2 weeks old). Looks like a blonde clone of his big brother. Loves when people sing to him. (If he fusses on the way to preschool, Boston and Cassidy lovingly hum the Star Wars theme song to him.)

*Boston is the picture on top!

Note: I cut out most of my dairy in an attempt to ease his fussiness. The highlight of my day today was watching Travis gag trying to drink a little of my new milk substitute--Almond Dream.