Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Travis made a culinary masterpiece (yet again). We had fewer guests this year but it was bustling with noise. We had Patrick and Emily here which was fabulous--the kids have all become fast friends. At one point after Patrick and Emily had come back with the kids from an outing, Cassidy and Spencer embraced and exchanged 'I love you's'. Aaron also came with his kids (Brandi was working) and of course Dad and Renita. Emily's parents even popped over for pie--just in time for our annual tradition of each saying something we're grateful for. Mostly what came up was the love of family, friends, and country. And some of us discussed how thankful we are to have risen above challenges and struggles. It's very true that we grow from hard times and are more able to recognize blessings after we've been through difficulties. We realize our strength and, for some, we learn to have faith and trust in our Heavenly Father.

I have an amazing family that is openly affectionate, readily communicative, and real. We've been through a lot but we don't hide things and we enjoy so much closeness as a result of relentless persistance and enduring love.

I have friends who see my heart and accept who I am at different stages of my life. They are enduring, talented, beautiful, and some of my greatest joys.

My husband adores me and works so hard every day. When I'm crazy, he tells me (lovingly!) and encourages me to dream. He believes in me and appreciates the different facets (and they are many) of my personality. We just have so much fun together. And, as if I haven't bragged enough, he gave me these sweet angels.

*Boston, Cassidy, then Mr. Beckett, all at about 4 months of age.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Reality Check

Some blogs might depict a perfect life. I hope that's not what I do, and if it is, perhaps I'll share that I was not my best self last weekend. Yelled at my kiddos, had 'words' with the hubby who really is the angel of angels, ate junk (and not the delicious stuff--the filler you put in your gut to stave off hunger), and was queen grouchy pants.

Have you ever known you were grouchy and that it was likely hormonal--yet when the mood passed and the happy version of yourself returned you were hesitant to let it show right away because then you'd not only be beasty but a roller coaster as well? I do that sometimes.

And since I already admitted I'm not a perfect parent, I'm just going to put this out there: Doesn't Beckett demonstrate a slight resemblance to Goonies' Sloth in this picture?

*I can say this because he is sooooooooo adorable!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Yeah, didn't even get a picture of my kids all together. I swear the more kids I have, the quality of some of my parenting skills goes down. I'm sure there's an economic theory behind it. Look at Octa-Mom.
It was a great Halloween. There's a subdivision nearby called Sleepy Hallow and every year a 'headless horsemen' on a real horse rides around the neighborhood. Travis saw him earlier in the day, but sadly we missed seeing him Halloween night. Beckett was a trooper. He loves being out and about and is much happier when we're on the go. Cassidy and Boston were fearless and loved the spooky houses--even an elaborate one complete with a spook alley. And btw, Travis picked out Cass' costume when he was in Indiana on business. She's more a puppy or other animal than a rah rah spirit fingers gal!

Note: I couldn't take this popsicle away from Beckett. I thought it was mainly intriguing to him because it was cold and squishy on his teething gums. Later I realized he had sogged a hole in the popsicle wrapper and was enjoying some grape artificial goodness. No wonder he had a crazed look in his eyes.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We're Those People

Every year some of our fantastic neighborhood friends throw a costume party for Halloween. Until I post some of the kids in their costumes, perhaps enjoy ours. It was a disco party. When the hunt for a polyester one-piece proved fruitless, I sought inspiration from some of my dad's old buddies and my friends' dads back in the day. Travis worked it in his delicious disco duds. I had so much fun dancing the night away.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

National Adoption Month

Not sure if you've been introduced to therhouse blog but it's worth checking out. When I first came upon it, I was so intrigued, fascinated, and in awe at the stories I read and all I learned about adoption. My grandmother was adopted and she had a negative experience and challenges surrounding her adoption. I always grew up with this a less than positive idea about adoption. Now that I have learned more, developed friendships with adoptive and adopted friends, my feelings have become so much about realizing that families become families in many different ways. I'm grateful for adoption and respect birth moms who love their children so much.

On the blog also is an invitation to a dinner at a yum-o restaurant (Trav has been there, I haven't yet), Blue Lemon, in Salt Lake.

*I guess I should note that adoption has come a long way. It isn't what it once was, and I do believe much of that is through education and sensitivity.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Daddy's Girl

Cassidy has been so sweet and loving the past few days. We had a fabulous afternoon cooking/baking together while Beckett slept yesterday and Boston was at school. When she's in charge or has an assignment, she is a new person. She wants to blaze her own trails and have ownership over a few things. A true middle child--like mom. But mostly my Cass is like her dad.

She loves:
Pickles (kosher dills)
Christmas songs
Having her back tickled
Winning (who doesn't...but she reeeaaallly wants to win)
Taking her shirt off when she comes inside after running around in hot weather
It's no wonder he calls her his precious angel.

In other news, Beckett finally started sleeping through the night while I was in Park City on my girls' trip. Seriously, he better keep it up. I am a new person when I sleep.