Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Today I just HAD to write a few words about my mom. If you're anything like me, the second you start thinking about everything your mom's done for you and all she means to you (yes, even as an adult!), you can't help but feel a bit emotional. Having my own kids now, I see her in the way I parent my own kids, and I find humor in the payback she always mentioned would come (haha). It's like finally grasping a sense of the depth of love she has for me, the selflessness, the ultimate service and sacrifice, and the joy and exhaustion all rolled into this fabulous little eternal miracle.

I don't remember everything about my childhood, but one strong memory I have is knowing that if I got a skinned knee, or got hurt feelings, I could come crying to her and bury myself in one of her mom-hugs, and everything always just felt...better. On hard days, she reminded me that everything was harder at night, and in the morning, things would feel better. I still know that to be true. Something happens with sunshine and rest.

Being raised by this super mom—who was often found nibbling a straw and doodling in her month-at-a-glance planner (likely planning a big party or PTA event)—always seemed normal, because it was all I knew. If I played a soccer game, she was there. If I had issues at school, I knew my teachers knew her, and I definitely didn't turn down that notoriety (lol). I also knew that she meant business. She wouldn't tolerate me lying, and she always reminded me of the importance of integrity and being kind and human, especially to the underdogs. With her omni-presence in my every care, I knew that if I didn't belong anywhere, I'd always belong to her and I was important in my family. It is only now that I realize there are many kids who feel like outcasts in their own homes. There are moms who aren't invested, who make selfish choices, and who are just not equipped for the demands of motherhood.

My mom is fearless, direct, compassionate, and giving. She has a can-do spirit, and will find a way no matter how difficult or imppossible the circumstances seem. This is especially true in regards to her children. We learned early on that this momma means business, and yet wherever she is, people gravitate toward her energetic, fun-loving, spirited personality. And if being all this wasn't enough, she provided a comfortable home where my friends could come. She accepted and loved my friends, and became a second mom to many of them.

The greatest gift she has given me is that she taught me the importance of motherhood. She and my dad always validated that being an at-home mom was an important job. She always emphasized getting an education, and she helped me understand why college would be a blessing to me and my family, even (especially!) if my employment was in the home and not a corporate position. She helped me understand that, while life holds no guarantees, there is an easy way and a hard way. I'm grateful that she shared her opinions with me and never left questions in my mind. To this day, there is no question off-limits, and I can depend on her word.

Thank you, Moodums, for teaching me how to earn my self-esteem, and for always helping me understand my value as a human and a daughter of God. I always wanted to be a mom because I knew it was and is one of your truest joys. Love you!


Stephie said...

Love it Chels!! Your mom is an amazing lady!! And you are so awesome just like her!! Happy Mother's Day to you!! xo

charlotte said...

so sweet! your mama was totally my second mama!! love her!!