Thursday, February 7, 2013

2012 in Review

When someone asks what I did last week, I may not remember. Thankfully, when I look through the pictures of 2012, I realize we’ve been busy and blessed. Travis had a job change and we are grateful he is employed and has an 8 to 5 schedule that allows him to be home for dinner and evening family time. He coached 4 of the kids’ sports teams this year. It was fun to watch him help a few kids overcome some of their challenges with baseball.

On warm evenings when we didn’t have sports commitments, we took advantage of the 2 small lakes near our home to go fish and canoe. The kids loved catching fish and throwing them back, and finding frogs, snakes, and tadpoles.
During the summer the kids and I would round up what friends we could and head to Pineview Reservoir or Willard Bay for ‘beach days’. Hours just fly when you have a tent to offer shade, food to munch on, and fun company!
We had a blast at our family reunion (my mom’s side) in Eden this year. We rented two beautiful houses and had fun at the water on jet skis, lounging, cooking together, playing games, and grabbing some delicious Huntsville BBQ!

Travis went on his annual boys’ baseball trip to Florida this year. This completes his goal of visiting all the Major League Baseball stadiums. One of the things he loves most about planning these trips is researching the best local cuisine to enjoy!
I was lucky enough to go to Hawaii with Bridget and some of our oldest, dearest friends, Nikki and Jenny. We had so many laughs…and pastries. They are like sisters!
We spent Easter in St. George with my mom, Bridget, Patrick, and fams. Cassidy and Boston just love their cousins. We spent a day at Zion National Park with Bridget’s family and my mom. So fun! The kids were in heaven. They are happiest outdoors.
We went to California and spent a week at my mom’s. The kids enjoyed Sea World and seeing friends. Sometimes it’s just going to the park together that means the most to them. I’m still amazed that Beckett didn’t sleep but a few moments on the road. These kiddos resist shut-eye for fear they will miss a party!
With the help a few amazing neighbors, we made some real strides in our gardening. They helped us develop the right combination of soil, as well as some techniques to get things thriving. Travis built a few boxes in hopes that we would not be overcome by weeding duties. We grew bell peppers, jalapenos, lots of tomatoes, squash, zucchini, strawberries, kale, and lettuce.I think this sparked my passion for blending green smoothies. I’ve been reading and researching, and I feel so satisfied when I stuff spinach in that blender. Mmmm! My family doesn’t exactly share my enthusiasm, but they humor me. I’ve been known to offer a candy bribe. It sounds wrong, but my belief is to enjoy some of the sugar as long as you put in good, too!
Speaking of sugar, before you start thinking this is all too sticky-sweet, allow me to mention that blasted Salt Lake rental home we had! After much debt and deliberation (and with help from above and our amazing realtor), we were able to unload the meth mess we had on our hands. We learned a lot from it, and we feel very fortunate to be able to focus our attention elsewhere. It also prompted me to ask a friend about an editing job she was doing. I was so blessed to have the opportunity to interview over the phone and receive a position; I work about 10 hours a week and get to choose my own hours.
Raising these little kidlets is a big job. It seems someone is always crying, hungry, wanting a friend over, or arguing. They are great kids, and they are the best kids for us. We love to see them grow and build their confidence as they try new things. We love when they trust us enough to share their joys or little hurts. When push comes to shove (and often it literally does!), they watch out for each other, they take the high road, they give in and give love, and want to be with us.
Boston was baptized this year, and he is such a great 8-year-old. He is easygoing and social. He enjoys school and is persistent when it comes to learning a new skill. He lets Cassidy tag along with his friends (she’d prefer to be with him and his buddies over girl stuff most days!) and requires not much more than a steady flow of food, time with Dad, and an abundance of sports. He makes good choices and is kind to others.
Cassidy doesn’t know why girls like Barbies, princesses, and dance. She loves sports and wants to be riding scooters, her bike, and playing soccer and baseball in the yard. She collects stuffed animals and an array of little plastic animal figurines. She cares for them, ties ‘leashes’ on them, and cries when one goes missing, which is when Mom and Dad wish her little loved ones were bigger than pencil erasers! We love that Cassidy is aware, affectionate, and wears her big heart on her sleeve.
Beckett keeps us laughing. He is so energetic, and when he’s not Animal from The Muppets, he looks longingly in my eyes and gives the best snuggs (his word for hugs and snuggles). He is full of wonder and often smells of peanut butter and good ol’ boy sweat. He loves to wrestle, hates to wait, and will take to any old guy (he thinks all grandpas are his “Grammer”). He likes kale and banana smoothies, chicken nuggets, ice cream, and marshmallows. His nappy blonde locks and coy eye rolls just melt my heart.
Of course I couldn't think of my family without thanking my Heavenly Father. He is forgiving of me and has blessed me beyond what I deserve. I don't do the best teaching my kids all the spiritual stuff, but I hope that as they grow they recognize the Spirit in our home and always remember that they are children of God—worthy, capable, loved, never alone.






harmony marie said...

HOOORAYYY FOR BLOGs! I miss seeing you guys!

jenuineqt said...

So many cute pictures! I absolutely love the ones of you and Cass. Keep them coming :0)

charlotte said...

your post was epic! glad to see you blogging again, cletus! can't believe how much beck looks like patrick! so funny!

Maren said...

That was some serious catch-up! Great job! I miss you and love you :)